The SUNY Faculty Senate held its winter plenary meeting on the campus of Stony Brook University January 21-23, 2016. During the Friday reception at the Simon’s Center, Nelsy Badia, a junior in the Sustainability and Health of Urban Infrastructure Laboratory, presented her poster entitled, “The Effects of Corrosion and Corrosion Products on the Frictional Behavior of Slip-critical Eye-bars.” Nelsy was one of eight posters presented at the reception. Hers was the only engineering poster represented and one of four representing undergraduate research.


Nelsy has been working with Dr. Ryan Kent Giles for a year as an undergraduate researcher. This past summer she participated in the Explorations in STEM program sponsored by PSEG. This program provides students with a stipend and housing to perform summer research with a faculty at the start of their undergraduate career.

Many of the faculty senate members from across of the SUNY system were impressed with Nelsy and her presentation skills. Stony Brook Faculty Senate President Dr. Edward Feldman was impressed with Nelsy’s decision to double major in civil engineering and music. He also commented, “This sounds like PhD level work.” Nelsy represented her work and the laboratory well at the event.

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