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Blog Post Three.
HBO's "The Newsroom", which only lasted for 3 seasons, was written and produced by Aaron Sorkin. Aaron Sorkin can be credited for many hit shows and movies such as: West Wing, Moneyball, and The Social Network (which he won an Academy Award for). He (More)
 aogunlowo midterm it3 More)
What “I” Bring to the Table: Using First Person in Academic Writing
Students enter my First Year Composition class thinking that “I” is a dirty word. “Are we allowed to use ‘I’ in this essay?” they ask in the same daring but uncertain tone that they use to ask if they can curse. For them, “I” has been (More)
Stony Brook University Receives National Recognition For Community Service
Admitted to the President Obama's Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll with Distinction Washington, D.C., May 27, 2011 – As colleges across the country honor their graduates this commencement season, the Corporation for National and Co (More)
2010 Press
SBU Study Published in PLoS ONE Shows Rate of Temperature Change Along World’s Coastlines has Itself Changed Dramatically Over the Past Three Decades
Photo above: Route 1, Monterrey Coastline; credit Dr. Hannes Baumann STONY BROOK, N.Y., June 28, 2013 - Locally, changes in coastal ocean temperatures may be much more extreme than global averages imply.  New research published in the June 18 edi (More)
Victorians Then and Now: Why Victorian Literature Matters to 21st Century Students
When I introduce any Victorian literature to students, I initially ask them to brainstorm words they associate with Victorian, and I write their responses on the blackboard. Overwhelmingly, they see the period and its figures as resoundingly restrain (More)
EDP Student Examines the 2016 Election
In Dr. Jim Quigley's SBC 308 - American Environmental Politics course, students are t (More)
Online Activism
The creation of the internet has resulted in a number of positive advancements internationally, especially in the sphere of activism, where the process has been revolutionized. Internet activism involves the use of social media such as Facebook, twit (More)
Lab Assignment #6
It’s All about..You?
        As students and soon to be employees, we are so used to going out there and promoting ourselves to the best of our abilities. From applying to schools to applying to different positions, we are always selling ourselves. We have worked har (More)
SB You Voices
Discover what is being said across SB You by looking at the category and tag pages. These pages show the trending and most commonly used tags and catego (More)
Midterm Project
I created three versions of a similar collage to show the evolution of U.S. presidents from 2008 to the near future of 2020. They feature the current president Barack Obama, and two other future presidents, Donald Trump and Kanye West with the electi (More)
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Prompt: Write a brief post about your presence on the Internet, making a reference to Virtual Revolution. It is without a doubt that I do identify with the majority of twenty-something year old multi-hyphen digital whatnots today. Forget Dunkin (More)
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