Movie “Glory” Reflection


               Every time when I think of t the United States of America, I see Americans with various races and colors as a combined nation of diversity. It appears to me that they have equal possibility to success, since I heard of numerous achievements not only about white people, but also the blacks. I think that two skin colors of Americans mutually forge and consolidate the progress and brilliance of America However, after I watched Glory, I realized how severe the blacks were discriminated and what kind of condition were they circumscribed. Glory narrates the civil war year in which a white officer led a group of black slaveries to fight with the south region for the national unity and freedom. It’s an honorable story just like the title itself that worth respect.

It is through this movie that I saw American black men suffer from various discrimination and unfair treatments through the history. I can see the deep motivation to prove their abilities, to acquire basic rights and equity through their own fighting. Maybe it is during that time that the ideas and concept of black men started to change, even if the change was very small. Although they were free in North, they still suffer from discrimination to a large extend in the world of white people. In the film, the scene that black volunteering army was taunted as the “Negro”, even Colonel Shaw, who leaded the black army, was laughed by other officers. Their difficulties of acquiring firearms and ammunition and the hardship of obtaining uniforms and shoes revealed their inferior status in the entire army. It seemed like that this batch of black army decided to be built at the very beginning was not actually well-invested to put into such large-scale national.

In that tough military environment and discriminated circumstances, they were still self-disciplined. They stick with their responsibilities and are thirst to fight for freedom and equity in the battle. Later, this army led by Shaw defeated south armies repeatedly. Only at that time did white soldiers start to cheer for this unusual army. As we can see, all this glory they received came from their eagerness to gain equal opportunities and their being a member of the nation. For this mission, they did not spare to sacrifice their own life to contribute to the fight. “Any black man carrying with firearms to fight against southern federal government will immediately recover the slave identity once arrested, and any black man wearing Northern federal uniform will be sentenced to death immediately……”When Shaw read off the warning of the South, nobody left the military camp. Their determination and braveness impressed me so deeply.

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