Movie review: A Bridge Too Far

Movie review: A Bridge Too Far


“A Bridge Too Far” is a military movie based on historical interviews about WW2 soldiers, featuring a number of generals who have different responsibilities and tend to display varying abilities. However, the four military commanders James Gavin, Maxwell Taylor, Stansilaw Sosaboski and Roy Urquhart also shared some features as they handled their men. The major common characteristic I think probably is the display of quietness and composure in their act of commanding their armies. They would only speak if it’s necessary for their interventions.

Besides, it is also critical to outline the differences they had. Taylor prefers to use speedy links to enforce his support bases, and in one case he used such a quick link to garner 30 Corps who helped him to take advantage of the British firearms to provide support. On the contrary, Gavin did not rely on this form of support but preferred to use his parachute instead. To succeed, Gavin is seen to parachute the guns down and later following them using gliders. Through this technique, he obtained supports in a different way compared to Taylor.

On the other hand, Urquhart had only been in the position for a short time and was not very experienced, while Gavin, Taylor and Sosaboski were more familiar with military activities. Despite this drawback, he managed to lead his tribes effectively. The last leader was Sosabowski who appeared to be the leader experiencing the toughest competition, but he excelled because of his courage and wit through seeking assistance from the 30-Corps. After appearing as though he was losing, Sosabowski retracted and attacked when he felt he had enough support to overcome the German troops.

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