billwiseBill Wise, associate dean of the School of Marine and Atmospheric Studies at Stony Brook University and the acting director of the New York Sea Grant branch, visited with Marine Conservation and Policy students on October 25th, 2013.

Wise has become very familiar with public policy regarding the marine conservation throughout the years. He shared advice with about policy with students while relating some of his recent work on salt water fishing license proposal in New York state.

“Regardless of how hard you work, environmental policy takes a lot of steps, some of which you have to recognize you cannot control,” says Wise.

While the saltwater fishing license policy hasn’t yet been passed, Bill Wise still sees it as an important and necessary measure to protect local marine fish populations. Wise also works in a number of other capacities to conserve the marine environment. SeaGrant, a national organization aimed at solving problems in our world’s oceans, achieves these goals by funding ocean research and education.