jeremygoldbogenJeremy Goldbogen, Assistant Professor at the Hopkins Marine Station at Stanford University, visited with Marine Conservation and Policy students on November 1, 2013. Goldbogen, who worked previously at the Cascadia Research Collective, shared his career advice and insights.

“If you are interested in whales, you don’t have to work on them right away. Keep an open mind and don’t have a narrow pathway. Get involved in the science that interests you.”

Goldbogen’s research experience did not begin with whales. Goldbogen originally worked on hummingbird flight mechanics in his undergraduate. From there he was recruited to study pteropods in the Antarctic. Following the research that interested him, he eventually began work on whales, which he thought at first was an aside.

Goldbogen does research on blue whale behavior. His past work involved the kinetics of blue whale foraging. He has collaborated with many other researchers, including a parachute physicist. Collaboration is a big part of the work Goldbogen does. In the future, he plans to work on the effects of military sonar on whale behavior.  Jeremy Goldbogen was the 4th of 6 speakers that visited the MCP students this semester.