The Minor Details – The Importance of Regulations

We live in such a fast-paced society. We want efficiency. Sometimes we forget, though, that we end up sacrificing quality when we aim for high efficiency. This sacrifice can have massive effects, even on small activities that we consider mundane, such as brushing our teeth. Think about it. If we brush carelessly, we are more likely to leave food particles stuck between our teeth, develop stains, let cavities form, and even risk disease or infection. The next thing we know, we have to go through extra treatments to make up for something we deemed unimportant.

Sometimes we do acknowledge the importance of minor details. One case that is close to a student’s heart is when he is taking a test and can’t answer a heavily-weighted question because he can’t remember that one name. Missing one question because of one detail is nerve-wracking because we know that there are severe consequences. A poor exam grade, poor performance in the course, lowered self-esteem. Can you imagine the consequences of missing a minor detail on a national or global scale?

Keeping this in mind, the healthcare industry has extensive regulations regarding subjects such as medical drug development, ethics, and patient treatment. If officials did not handle these matters, we would be living in very dangerous conditions. Their job is to make sure that the output of the healthcare industry does not bring harm to those individuals that utilize their services. If there is a potential problem, they investigate the issue and work towards resolving it.

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I am fascinated by such work and aspire to enter the pharmaceutical industry so that I can contribute to the problem-solving process. I would equate it with being a sort of detective. You really do need all the minor details to make sure that the problem is solved. It is always possible that the cause is some obscure detail that everyone thought was unimportant. Ignoring the obscure fact, however, can cost many lives and is not worth the risk.

Regulations have to be put in place. The healthcare industry knows to avoid certain mistakes because of the precautions that already exist. The industry is not perfect, though, and still learns from its mistakes. Its products and services cannot be distributed to the public if their quality is subpar.

Our society has developed to place great importance in quality. If an individual does not find quality, he will not invest in the product or service. Prosecutors actually search for details that were overlooked in cases when someone is suing a company or an individual that was responsible for a costly mistake. The detail may seem minute, but any indication of negligence can result in serious consequences for both the service provider and the recipient. It is to avoid the hassle, stress, and undesirable consequences that I would recommend to spend the extra time to cover all the bases, so to speak. Follow the regulations and keep in mind to account for any of the minor details that can have major consequences.

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