Relevant Courses

CHE133-134- General Chemistry Laboratory

Through two semesters of general chemistry laboratory, I became acquainted with laboratory techniques. It was a unique experience in that I learned to practically apply the theoretical knowledge. During this time, I became familiar with paper chromatography, acid-base titration, and spectrophotometry.


Working in the chemistry laboratory.

In organic chemistry laboratory, I learned the use of key synthetic and purifications. These included distillation, extraction, reflux, rotary evaporation, and chromatography. This laboratory was particularly meaningful to me because it taught me the techniques that I currently use in my independent research on synthesizing tumor-targeting drugs.

BIO204-205- Fundamentals of Scientific Inquiry in the Biological Sciences Laboratory

In the introductory biology labs, I began to study aspects of microbial growth and animal physiology. A few of the techniques that I practiced were microscopy,  spectrophotometry, standard curve preparation, gel electrophoresis, and dissections. I also gained experience in working with a team to design, implement, and report on experimental procedures based on the scientific method.

BIO365- Biochemistry Laboratory

The biochemistry laboratory involved ongoing experiments with longer durations, thereby giving a more realistic feel to the laboratory setting. I learned about several techniques used to study proteins and practiced thin layer chromatography, spectrophotometry, polymerase chain reaction, Western blot, and gel electrophoresis. I applied the data to make and report conclusions on the results of several weeks’ worth of experimentation.