My experiences have taught me important lessons. I have worked with many different groups of people, each with their own perspectives. The skills and insight that I have gained in the process contribute to my growth as a professional.


I have begun to perform research towards my senior thesis. As an undergraduate researcher in the Stony Brook Unviersity Department of Chemistry, I have had the opportunity to apply the skills that I learned about in my laboratory courses. Now, I am working towards the practical goal of synthesizing and purifying tumor-targeting drug conjugates. I developed such an interest in the topic that I wrote a review about tumor-targeting peptides in theĀ Young Investigators Review, an undergraduate journal. You can read more about my research experience here.

Teaching Assistance:

I have been a teaching assistant for a variety of courses at Stony Brook University, some of which were outside of my major. Every experience was unique, but gave me the opportunity to understand the subject material and presentation strategies from the perspective of both a student and an instructor. You can read more here.

Academic Peer Advising Internship:

The academic peer advising internship introduced me to the aspects of higher education through the Academic and Transfer Advising Services at Stony Brook University. I have had the opportunity to work with students outside of my major and learn from their experiences and perspectives. I was also able to practice and develop my leadership and communication skills in guiding and instructing students who were not familiar with the university resources, policies, and procedures. I have detailed my experiences here.

Volunteer Work:

I have volunteered as both a volunteer in my local hospitals and in the Admissions Office at Stony Brook University. Each experience has taught me about the necessity to understand the perspective of the people with whom I am interacting, to communicate effectively, and to pay carefulĀ attention to detail. You can read more about my volunteer work here.