Teaching Assistance

AMS110- Statistics for the Life Sciences

“Statistics for the Life Sciences” is a course that focuses on statistical applications in the medical and health-related fields. We learn to analyze data and determine the statistical significance. As a TA, I had the responsibility to help students outside of class. I held three office hours every week, during which I reviewed the course material with students to guide them towards a better understanding of the scenarios posed in the homework. I enjoyed the experience because I had the opportunity to develop communication and problem-solving skills from an instructor’s perspective.

SOC247- Sociology of Gender

“Sociology of Gender” is a course that expands upon aspects of gender identity and social perspectives. This course was different from others in that it incorporated class discussion in addition to the lecture. As a TA, I took part in the discussion-based environment in class and review sessions. I learned from the experience because of the opinions and accounts that the students shared.

ADV101- Transfer Student Advising Seminar

As a part of the Academic Advising Internship, I served as a TA for the “Transfer Student Advising Seminar.” I provided the transfer students with my experiences as a student to help them acclimate to the new university environment. I additionally prepared presentations about campus resources (e.g. library resources, university databases, housing and dining, and extracurricular organizations) available to them to prevent them from struggling unnecessarily.