Arth Naik – President

Hi everyone! My name is Arth, and I’m a senior Biology/Psychology double major following the pre-medical track. After my undergraduate years, I hope to earn my way into medical school, exiting it with a nicely framed degree to practice in the field I fell in love with in my early highschool years. Aside from the work I do towards these aspirations, I love to spend my free time playing soccer, hitting the gym and spending a night out with friends. I am honored to serve as the President of Stony Brook Science Olympiad. My interest in Science Olympiad is a product of the love I built for it throughout high school, which has very clearly spilled over into the years after competing passed. It is my lifelong intention to give back to the Science Olympiad organization and community as much as I can, and I thus hope to make this following year a success for everyone involved.

Avery Ball – Vice President

Hello everyone!  My name is Avery and I am a sophomore majoring in Biomedical Engineering and plan getting my specialization in Bioelectricity/Bioimaging.  After graduation I hope to get a job working in research on new imaging techniques.  I will be serving as our vice president this year and am ecstatic to do so.  I got involved in Science Olympiad in middle school and never stopped loving it even to this day.  I was part of the Columbia High School team that made the national tournament. After graduation, I came to Stony Brook and joined the all-star cast that is our SBscioly team.  When I am not grinding out homework or studying for exams I play Ultimate Frisbee as part of the Stony Brook Team, and I love doing triathlons.  I will never say no to either a study or gym session as long as it fits into my schedule.  I can’t wait to work with everyone involved in SBscioly this year and hope this will be a successful year for all.

Ramya Kumar – Treasurer

Hello! I am Ramya and I’m currently a sophomore majoring in psychology. This is my second year in Stony Brook Science Olympiad and it is an absolute pleasure to serve as treasurer this year. Ever since I got involved in Science Olympiad in highschool, I have always admired the level of critical thinking and effort required — something that isn’t always practiced in a highschool classroom setting. I continue to be involved in college to learn and be inspired by the intelligent minds around me. Besides SO, my other academic interests include neuroscience and learning science. Though I am still broadening my horizons,  I do enjoy conducting research and teaching. In my spare time, I love painting, playing badminton and eating food ( I am a huge foodie).

Brian Chen – Secretary

Hi! My name is Brian and I’m a junior studying Psychology & Biology on the nursing track. I am honored to serve as secretary of SBSciOly this year. As one of the few people in the club without prior SO experience from high school or middle school, I am constantly learning from my peers about all that SO has to offer. I joined the club in my freshman year through a friend’s suggestion and have since then fell in love with the club. The atmosphere of the club as a tight-knit family is the most wonderful part of SBSciOly. During my free time when I’m not sleeping or procrastinating on work, I enjoy playing volleyball & basketball with friends.