Stony Brook Science Olympiad, as a college Science Olympiad chapter, work to promote science literacy under the umbrella of the national organization. Our mission is to improve the critical thinking, reasoning, teamwork and communication of the competitors so they may learn invaluable life skills and passions.

In an effort to achieve this, we co-host competitions for those students in coordination with competing high schools/middle schools. This 2017-2018 school year, we worked alongside the Islip school district to host the Long Island Invitational (high school division) and the first ever South Shore Seawolves Invitational (middle school division). We also helped to run, write tests for, proctor, and grade many events over other regional competitions, such as the Eastern Long Island Division C Regional and Eastern Long Island Division B Regional. Altogether, we coordinated over 100 teams across the northeast just this year.


Over the past two years Stony Brook Science Olympiad has worked with many people and groups as we co-hosted and ran events at various competitions. Here’s what some of them have to say:


For the past two years, The Nassau East Regional Competition has been lucky enough to have been assisted by the members of Stony Brook Science Olympiad. The students took over supervising and scoring events, which made it possible for the teams’ coaches to focus on helping their students perform to the best of their abilities. Leading up to the day of the competition, I was in constant contact with the team as we discussed logistics, materials, etc. Their competent self-sufficiency was evident even then. At the competition, as I spoke with them throughout the day, I knew we were in good hands. They displayed a contagious professionalism and enjoyment of the day’s events. The Stony Brook students were expertly well-versed in the structure of the competition, and without their contribution of time, energy, and knowledge, the tournament would not have been the success that it was. The entire region is grateful for their help, and look forward to working with them in the future.

-Rich Colavita

Wantagh High School

Nassau East Regional Coordinator

The Stony Brook Science Olympiad club was incredibly helpful to me when I was running my regional tournament. Students were prompt, polite, friendly, and knowledgeable about the rules of the events as well as the structure of the tournament. Students were involved with everything from running out to get last minute supplies to supervising events, to grading events and handing out medals.

There are quite a few events that are difficult to supervise. Students arrived at the tournament well acquainted with the rules and with a full understanding of how to enforce safety and technical requirements. They had researched the specifications in advance and were familiar with scoring requirements and grading breakdowns. They were able to step in and run technical events and handle all of the details smoothly, and were often more prepared than the coaches assigned to the event.

I was very impressed with the maturity, competence and enthusiasm of the club members overall. The Science Olympiad club definitely helped make my tournament a success and I look forward to working with them in the future.

-Keri Page

Eastern Long Island Division B Coordinator

My name is John Williams, a veteran science teacher in the Copiague School District, Long Island NY. I’ve been in the education field since 1985. At my middle school, I facilitate our Science Olympiad team, and have done so for ten years. On March 17, 2018, we took our team to Candlewood Middle School for a Regional Competition. There, I was expected to spend most of my time in the gym as the main judge for the airplane competition Wright Stuff. I expected this to be a challenge because, at the same time, I needed to assist my team in a number of ways—the other teacher with us was first-time.

In the gym, I met Jenna Cooper, Sagar Lamba, and Pooja Lamba, from the Stony Brook Science Olympiad  as my “assistants.” It was soon obvious that they were fully aware of the judging particulars. We discussed a couple of interpretations of rules, and I found they were more versed than I was on some changes for this particular year. Within the first hour, they were taking a lead role, which greatly simplified what I needed to do in the room and eventually allowed me to leave and help my own team. Our day was a success because of this.

The Wright Stuff event went smoothly because of their presence. They were great with the kids, and understood the flexible nature of allowing each student a form of success. Their knowledge of the rules, and interpretation, was at a level that they could have judged, in a more exacting manner, a State or National competition.

At the conclusion of the day, when the auditorium was packed with students and adults, they were even able to entertain us, during a wait for the results, and they allowed one of my students to play piano for the group, which is a memory he will always cherish!

The Science Olympiad is a super-fun event, and I am glad to have met them. Thank you so much!


-John Williams

Science Department

Copiague School District

Long Island NY