Spring is here!

Now is the time to switch up your yarn weights or fabric weights and colors.  Making something light and bright for our patients.  It will make them look and feel good… and you will feel good too for creating something so pretty!

Volunteers ask us for ideas and patterns.  Here are some sources for you to find some great project ideas:





Here’s an idea and pattern for Summer Chemo Caps & Head Wraps.  Make a lady look pretty and comfortable this spring & summer.



Also, below is a Fabric Head Wrap Pattern designed by our own Maryann Russo.

  1. Cut a 18” square.
  2. Fold in half (point to point) to make a triangle.
  3. Cut 2 ½” of each side of the triangle.
  4. With triangle fabric right side together, sew the triangle with a ½” seam leaving a small opening.
  5. Turn triangle inside out so that the correct side of the fabric is facing outward.
  6. Top stitch 1/8″ seam at the edges.
  7. Ruffle the two square ends or add hook and eyes or any other items to embellish the ends to be hooked to the back.
  8. Add your special touch and unique embelishments to this pattern.


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