Dear Volunteers,

We are experiencing an increase in demand from our adult patient population and hope that you are able to make the shift with us.

We have an on going demand for Lap blankets and prayer shawls for many of our units.

The Safe Sleep Initiative throughout the Hospital requires that we can no longer accept newborn baby blankets. We still welcome preemie and newborn hats.

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SBU Hospital Units Need:

  • Bone Marrow Transplant & Surgical Oncology  Departments  – Adult Patients  need lap size quilts, soft prayer shawls.
  • Child Life Services  –  larger blankets (ages 5-21).
  • Department of Spiritual Care:
    • for prayer shawls for the oncology patients at the hospital.
    • white preemie, newborn and larger infant blankets  for Christenings that held at the hospital.
  • End of Care Unit –  Afghans of all sizes.
  • Inpatient Child Psychiatry  –  children’s afghans for ages 6 – 12.
  • Labor & Delivery, Mother & Baby, & Ante-Partum Departments:
    • new born baby hats (all sizes).
    • infant demise wraps (in stillborn thru full term sizes) and memory pouches. (See Patterns Section)
  • Medical Oncology Department – has started a White Rose Program for end of life patients and want blankets for their patients.
  • NICU – Will accept quilts to put over the isolettes . The isolettes are later given to the parents to take home at discharge.
  • Oncology & Dialysis Departments  –  Lap blankets, prayer shawls, and Afghans.
  •  Pediatrics/In-patient Child Psych – soft quilts & pillow cases for their beds.
  • The NICHE Program  –  larger adult size afghans and lap blankets to give out to patients, especially for our older patients. We also like to give blankets to patients who don’t get any visitors as a way of providing a little something to let them know that they are thought of and cared for. The Director is hoping we can support this request and anticipates needing approximately 20 blankets a month.
  • Palliative Care Team – this Team works with end of life patients throughout the hospital including the ER.

Suggested Sizes:

Isolates: 36″ x 40″

Lap blankets are rectangular in shape, generally 35″ by 40″.  Adult colors are requested.

Afghans are rectangular in shape, generally 50″ by 65″.  Young adult and adult colors are requested.

Prayer shawls can be made in a variety of sizes.  Rectangular, triangular, or use your imagination.  Here are some web links to get you started:


All donated handcrafted items must be new.  We cannot accept any used or old items.  Our patients immune systems cannot be compromised in any way.

For delivery of your projects contact:

7 thoughts on “Update: Stony Brook needs….

  1. Hello
    My name is Christine Barry. I am a Girl Scout leader in Hauppauge. We are Middle School girls looking for a service project. Although we are not knitters, we were wondering if you would accept/need newly made no-sew fleece lap or larger blankets.

  2. Hello my name is Diane Castiglia.

    I had sent an email to Melissa Shampine about donating crocheted blankets. She instructed me to go to the website which I did and I see that there is a need for adult afghans and lap blankets. Kindly tell me where they can be delivered once they are completed.

  3. Hello.
    I usually prewash all my material before using it for projects. I always use as natural and clean detergents as I can buy, without dyes and safe for septic systems. I shop at Wild By Nature. Is this acceptable? Or do you need more information from the detergent bottle itself? And should I wash the finished blanket again before donating it?

    Thank you

  4. Good Afternoon Jan and Melissa,

    If the baby blankets are crocheted, are there any “safety” requirements? Should we make sure to use tighter stitches, etc?

    Thank you.

    Nancy Lindblom

  5. Hi!
    I have been going through my closets while I’m home and I have a bunch of wool–completely unused, still with the wrappers on them–and mostly baby yarn–that I am never going to be able to use. I was wondering if there is anyone I could donate to? I have a smoke free, pet free home and these have been in a container. Please let me know.

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