Please understand……We require all donated handcrafted items be new.  We cannot accept any used or old items.  Our patients immune systems cannot be compromised in any way.

Stony Brook Stitchers Reference Guide, Tips, Websites & How-To:

1. Knit/Crochet Hats: Top down hats are recommended to adjust for gauge variation.
2. Use one hook/needle size larger to base change or cast on for a easier handling.
3. Use cotton or synthetic yarns to avoid allergy and shrinkage problems.
4. Leftover/scrap yarns can be used to add embellishments to pieces such as stripes, flowers,  etc… as well as colorful granny squares.
5. Closed stitches/tighter weaves are preferable for surgical caps.  Avoid open work, lacy patterns and seams.
6. Check the band around your skein of yarn for free patterns.  Also your local craft stores have free pull off patterns scattered throughout the yarn aisles in their stores.  Take one, experiment with a new project.

Websites/Blogs & Videos:


Crochet: handed


Crochet videos:
Knit videos:

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