Minutes 3/10

Meeting Attendance: Emmanuel, Nadifa, Melanie, Joshua
Location: SAC eating area
Time: 3pm – 5pm
New Project Proposal

Section 1: Project Information

  • Former Make a wish group 
  • Project Title- TBD
  • Project Summary
    • A centralized location where businesses can promote their products and services. A Project Contacts (any individuals involved in the project)

Section 2: Project Summary

  • Why are you doing this project?
    • To promote community building on this campus and give young entrepreneurs a platform to showcase their products and services. 
  • What will you be doing?
    • Creating an app that hosts the information of various businesses. Users can browse the app to see all of the services offered. Then they can contact the specific person that can fulfill the task they need.
  • How will you be doing it?
    • We will be using Filemaker to create the app.
  • Here, it is critical to explain the current state of the problem and why your audience should care about solving it. Make sure to include references and statistics in this section. 
    • There are many student run businesses on this campus, however it can be very difficult to find these services. This is especially difficult if you are a freshman or transfer student. By having everything on one interface, it will open the door for students to find a solution to whatever they need and simultaneously provide a larger audience for business owners to reach. This is a product the Stony Brook community is asking for. When bringing this up with our peers they all wish this app was a real thing. 

Section 3: Project Methodology

  • 1. Finding at least 7 businesses to host on the app 
  • 2. Prototyping the app 
    • Making categories for each business
    • Providing contact information 
    • Optional section to book an appointment
    • Place an order for a product
    • Review section for customers
  • 3. Testing the app
    •  Allows some students to use what we create and gather feedback 
  • 4. Give the app to the stony brook community

“When calculating the impact of Benevolent Computing on both the students and the outside community, a complicated formula need not be used. You need only to hear the enthusiasm in the students’ voices as they describe their projects and the appreciation expressed by their clients.” – Computing for Social Good by Christine Cesaria 

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