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Stony Brook Alum Jeffery Meyer Wins American Prize in Orchestral Programming
The American Prize in Orchestral Programming / Vytautas Marijosius Memorial Award—college/university division Winner: Jeffery Meyer ASU Symphony Orchestra Tempe AZ An accomplished conductor, pianist, and educator, Jeffery Meyer launched (More)
Carolyn Hall (MS, 2009)
From "For Carolyn Hall ’09, Mixing Science and the Arts is a Thrilling Dance" on Stony Brook News by Elliot Olshansky on April 15, (More)
Morgan Gelinas (MS, 2011)
Morgan Gelinas (MS, 2011) studied ship wakes in the Venice Lagoon, Italy.  Here, very large ships routinely navigate a deep dredged channel cut through a shallow lagoon.  The wakes they create propagate over the adjacent shoals for long distances, re (More)
Announcing the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences and Music!
This article is the Aprils Fools 2019 Joke by the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences and Department of Music at S (More)
SoMAS and the R/V Seawolf attend SUBMERGE 2016
Greg Marshall with his crittercam[/caption] Greg Marshall is the Executive Director and Produce (More)
Sarah Schaefer (MA, 2013)
Sarah Schaefer is currently the Program Coordinator for the Peconic Estuary Program (PEP). In this job she facilitates the Peconic Estuary watershed protection and restoration projects, monitoring and research. She also assists municipalities and not (More)
Cassie Bauer (MS, 2012)
Cassie Bauer received her BS and MS from SoMAS in 2009 and 2012 respectively. Her  thesis research involved the physical processes that contribute (More)
Michael Colbert (BS, 2015)
Everyone talks about the weather, but Michael Colbert has more than a casual interest in that topic — he studied it at Stony Brook University.  To be sure, theMore)
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