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Project 2 Still Life – Landscape
Part 1: Green house 1. Correct exposure-- 1/200 2. Overexposure-- 1/30 3. Unde (More)
Landscape research
ROBERT ADAMS      (1937-Present) Aphotographer who has documented the extent and the limits of our damage to the American WestAdams grew up in New Jersey, he pictured heedless development but also the surviving light, scale, form, and silence of the (More)
Project 0 - PechaKucha Summary
Alfred stieglitz     An American photographer who introduced avant-garde style to the U.S. For photography, he said: “fascinated me, first as a toy, then as a passion, then as an obsession.” In his early state, he traveled through the European count (More)
project 1 TIME OF DAY
2.14 ONE DAY AT SCHOOL early morning --8 am mid morning --10 am high above yo (More)
Color Portraits
Color Portraits I made for my ARS 281 photography class. These are the photographic color portraits I made of my classmates, Mitva and Kira Mitva by Lily likes cool colors and red Bright and intense [caption id="attachment_405" align="a (More)
Research of depression
The flowers' dance
On the way
Meshes of the night
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