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Color Portraits
Color Portraits I made for my ARS 281 photography class. These are the photographic color portraits I made of my classmates, Mitva and Kira Mitva by Lily likes cool colors and red Bright and intense [caption id="attachment_405" align="a (More)
Research of depression
The flowers' dance
On the way
Meshes of the night
Camera study images
1.correct exposure ISO100 f/2.8  S:200 2. overexposure  ISO100 f/2.8  S:200 More)
project1 Time of Day-The story of the sea
  Early Morning, 5:20 am, Sunrise at Montauk Mid Morning, 9:2 (More)
project 2 Secret garden
Pure Passion Dream More)
project 3 The Depressive Disorder
My topic is about people who is suffering from depression.  The depression is an emotional thing rather than visual. Therefore I used photoshop to give most of my photographs a double exposure effect, to show what the depression patients' inner world (More)
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