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Final Project My Apples
<My Apples> Through this semester with various photography courses, I became interested in the ‘Experimental photography. In Analog Black and White Photography, I tried to combine the photogram and original method of printing with the enlarger (More)
Final Project Proposal
For the final project, I will combine two projects what I did during this semester. My narrative series ‘If I can fly’ in the introductory (More)
Project 4 Portrairure
<When they are working> My portraiture series <When they are working> shows the relationship between an individual and what they are endeavoring for their life. I took pictures of people when they are working in their workspace. First (More)
Project 5 Online research
  Lee Friendlander Aloha, Washington, 1967   More)
Project 4 Narrative
<Proposal> The photographers I discovered for the project is ‘Lissy Elle’. Most of her photographs have a dreamy atmosphere like a fairy tale. Some of them are that people have all once imagined in their childhood year. For example, one of her (More)
Project 3 Altered Perception
Some people have special perception and they see things in a different way. I picked Color Weakness for my topic. Color weakness is one of the types of Colorblindness. People who have Color weakness recognize the color differently. For my project, (More)
Project 2 Landscape Part 2
Spring 1/500 3.5 ISO 200   Summer  1/1000 3.2 +/- +1/3 ISO 200   Fall 1/800 3.5 +/- +1/3 ISO 200 More)
Between a dog and wolf
8:17 am (Early Morning)     10:55 am (Mid morning)   (More)
PechaKucha Photography Project
I chose Catherine Opie for my Pechakucha presentation topic. She is a photographer who focuses on the relationship between mainstream and infr (More)
Project 2 Landscape Part 1
1 Correct exposure 1/100 5.6 ISO 200   2 Over exposure 1/25 5.6 +/- +2 ISO 200   3 Under exposure 1/400 5.6 +/- -2 ISO 200   4 High (More)
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