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Undergraduate Research and Creativity URECA 2008-2009
Karen Bubelnik and Kamazima Lwiza, School of Marine & Atmospheric Sciences -- Characteristics of extreme temperatures in coastal waters of North America

Research Highlight: SoMAS Leading IMPOWR Field Study to Improve Offshore Wind Mapping and Forecasting
Professor Brian Colle at the Schoo (More)
Research Highlight - SBU Mentors 22 Intel Finalists
Twenty-two high school students who worked with Stony Brook University faculty were named among the 300 semifinalists in the national 2014 Intel Science Talent Search competition. The School of Marine & Atmospheric Sciences mentored 3 of these st (More)
SoMAS Well Represented at Stony Brook’s Annual Undergraduate Research Celebration
[caption id=\"attachment_1744\" align=\"alignright\" width=\"350\"] Dr. Joe Warren, Fardina Miah, Celeste Stout,Dr. Bradley Peterson

The School of Marine a (More)
SoMAS in the News Regarding Superstorm Sandy
Members of the SoMAS community in the news regarding Superstorm Sandy 2013 | 2012 | 2011 | 2010 | 2009 | 2008 (More)
Aircraft and SAR Observations of Barrier Jets in the Gulf of Alaska (SARJET)
Principal Investigators: Brian Colle and scientists at Johns Hopkins, Penn State and U Washington SoMAS ProfessorDr. Brian Colle The energy needs of the entire human population could potenti (More)
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