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Hunter College High School Wins First Place at 2019 Bay Scallop Bowl
The 2019 Bay Scallop Bowl has come and gone and a new winner has emerged from the dust - Hunter College High School! Round 9 had Midwood High School pitted against the Mighty Mustangs of Mount Sinai High School. Mount Sinai emerged the winner of that (More)
Returning Champions Mount Sinai High School Defend Title With 2018 Win
The School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences at Stony Brook University hosted the 2018 Bay Scallop Bowl on February 3rd, 2018 at the S (More)
National Ocean Sciences Bowl 2007
Stud (More)
Mt. Sinai wins 2017 Bay Scallop Bowl by Single Point in Overtime
First Place: Mt. Sinai High School Team A The 2017 Bay Scallop Bowl was a gr (More)
Midwood High School Wins First Bay Scallop Bowl
From Bay Scallop Organizer John Mak: The 2016 Bay Scallop Bowl had quite the interesting final rounds of the competition. Midwood High School finished at the top of their bracket (the loss bracket), setting up a match against the undefeated Mt Sinai (More)
Bay Scallop Bowl 2004
The National Ocean Science Bowl (NOSB) is an annual competition for high school students sponsored by the Consortium for Oceanographic Research and Education (More)
Bay Scallop Bowl 2005
photos by 'Joseph Dlhopolsky' Stony Brook Hosts 4th Annual Bay Scallop Bowl Marine Sciences Research Cente (More)
Bay Scallop Bowl 2006
photos by 'Joseph Dlhopolsky', 'Ann Zulkosky', 'Gina Gartin' (More)
Bay Scallop Bowl 2007
photos by 'Joseph Dlhopolsky' Stony Brook Hosts 6th Annual Bay Scallop Bowl February 10 National Ocean Sciences Bowl Finals To Be Hosted In La (More)
Bay Scallop Bowl 2008
photos by 'Joseph Dlhopolsky', 'Paula Rose', 'Nuria Protopopescu' (More)
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