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Comcast Takes Over Time Warner, And The Rich Get Richer
Time Warners 12 million  subscribers will likely join the ranks of Comcast\'s 22 million. This means a Comcast will have an audience of  a whopping 34 million. The merger of Comcast and Time Warner raises the 45.2 billion dollar question: What doe (More)
The Best Billion Dollars Facebook Ever Spent
When Facebook bought Instagram for 1 billion dollars, it was probably one of the best investment the company could\'ve made. It\'s undeniable that Facebook has a declining interest from the younger audience it was originally intended for. However, (More)
Facebook: Cheap Useful Tool For Businesses
  Social media has mirrored the popularity of the web, and over the past decade has exploded. According to recent research done by Busines (More)
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