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Accepting Videos as an Alternative form of Course Assessment
This is about using a echo360 mashup tool to accept video submissions inside of Blackboard and which instructor will be able to grade under Needs Grading in the Grade Center.  This is an excellent alternative to high stakes grading via traditional ex (More)
Huge Update in Echo360's Universal Capture!
It now allows for live streaming! I've done some tests already.  I'm seeing a 10 sec lag on what comes out of my mouth and what comes through the stream.  The screen share seems about 3 seconds ahead of my camera's live video.  There is a 15 secon (More)
Creating new sections in Echo360
You may want to need to create a new section in Echo360 if you have need to store videos and/or power points for a course, but have not used Echo360 so far this semester.   To create a new section in Echo360, we will want to login to Black (More)
Two Ways to Recycle Older Echo360 Content for Online Usage
If you were the primary instructor for a course within Echo360 for a prior semester's recordings, you can easily reuse those recordings for this semester. First option:  Just put the entire semester into this semester's blackboard. You will wan (More)
Editing ASR Transcripts from Echo360
If you asked for Automatic Speech Recognition to be turned on in echo360 for your course, you also agreed to edit them.  Here is some feedback from Dr. John True on the process that he used to edit them.  Feel free to comment to share your methods. (More)
Heat Maps are back in Echo360
This used to be a feature in the old echo360 locally hosted service that we had, and now due to popular demand, it has returned. Heat Maps are visual indicators that show the instructor what parts of the classroom recording the students are watchi (More)
echo360 exceptions in the schedule and editing a schedule
This is for all of you echo360 admins that may miss the feature for being able to exclude dates while scheduling an otherwise regular schedule for the semester.   (Note that if it is an exception that is for ALL classes, you can do this when you s (More)
Using ECHO 360 to record lectures?
If you are using ECHO 360 this semester to record your lectures and would like to capture student questions, please make sure you borrow a Microphone from AV Services.   When answering a student's question in class from the lectern, please repeat the (More)
Personal Capture's New Download location
As we have moved to echo360 in the cloud... the new place to find your personal capture software is now also in the cloud. From the main page that you first see when you login - go here: or go directly to this link: More)
Has stuff stopped working in your browser?
UPDATE:  the chrome://plugins area has been deprecated.  Use this link now:   (More)
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