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How echo360's role structure when linked to blackboard cripples its functionality
Say you are an instructor.  You want to use Blackboard and echo360 active learning or capture platform.  You have TA's or Course Builders in Blackboard. So, you set up a schedule of captures through your support people for your course.  You do (More)
Requesting a SBCapture recording
SBCapture is used for different purposes on campus and we have a few different mechanisms for turning on Echo360 for your course. Most common: You want regularly scheduled recording throughout most if not all of the semester. In this case, you (More)
Did you know? SBCapture not only does room based capture, but also has \"Personal Capture\" which can record the screen, webcam and audio from any computer, and \"Video Ingest\" which can take any supplemental video and load into Blackboard? (More)
SBCapture again
I don\'t want to write about this one service too much, but we just had another snow day and some instructors have thought to do this, but I\'m sure more could do this and it just hasn\'t occurred to them.  SBCapture has been on campus now since 2008 (More)
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