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Transforming Advanced Nanoscience Data into Interactive Art
Brookhaven Lab Center for Functional Nanomaterials scientist Kevin Yager, Brooklyn-based multimedia artist Melissa Clarke, and Stony Brook University professor of computer music Margaret Schedel generated novel representations of experimental nan (More)
Celebrating the Life and Career of Elaine Bonazzi
An event celebrating the life and career of soprano Elaine Bonazzi will take place on Sunday, April 14 at 7:30 in the National Opera Center (More)
Stony Brook to Host Sound and Secularity Symposium
“Sound and Secularity” is a day-long symposium at Stony Brook University on April 12, 2019 that will engage what it means to speak, sing, and listen when secularis (More)
Professor Margaret Schedel’s Sonification Project Profiled in Wired Magazine
Stony Brook University Professors Lisa Muratori and More)
In memoriam: Elaine Bonazzi, Celebrated Singer, Beloved Stony Brook Faculty
Renowned American mezzo-soprano Elaine Bonazzi passed away on Tuesday, January 29, at the age of 89. “Fantastically gifted actor and singer.”  The Washington Post During her long career on the stage from the 1950s into the 1990s, Elaine (More)
How to Set Up Test Exceptions in Blackboard (how to let a student take the test at a different time from everyone else...)
So you have a student who can not possibly take your online exam when the rest of the class will be taking it.  What do you do? You can give them a different time to take the test.  Also, if you want you can have a few different times to begin wit (More)
Area Students Get Their Feet Wet at MSRC's Marine Lab
Over the past year, more than 20 school groups have participated in educational opportunities offered by the Marine Sciences Research C (More)
MSRC Students/Faculty Flex Muscles
This spring - in addition to the usual final exams, finishing theses, and graduation - many MSRC students, faculty and staff tested their (More)
Winners of the Evan Frankel Memorial Scholarship Begin Tropical Marine Ecology Course in Jamaica
Last month, five outstanding Stony Brook students majoring in marine sciences or marine vertebrate biology were awarded Evan Frankel Mem (More)
Mt. Sinai High School Wins 8th Annual Bay Scallop Bowl
Mt. Sinai High School defeated rival Churchville-Chili High School to win the
8th Annual Bay Scallop Bowl hold al Stony Brook Universit (More)
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