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Social Media & Identity
Beyond the basic profile generation questions, social media accounts allow further customization options, such as the addition of a profile photo and biography.  The creative diversity built into the very foundations of social media technology afford (More)
Social Media & Posthumanism
In order to understand students to better engage them in their own learning in a secondary ELA classroom, it's pivotal to understand students’ literacy backgrounds.  Before Millennials became “Millennials,” they were digital natives.  Being raised in (More)
Introduction: From Fantasy to Reality
When I was a student teacher, I was bursting at the mental seams with ideas for challenging the traditional classroom environment.  My only goal for the classroom – other than getting real-life experience teaching a room full of students instead of o (More)
Authentic Writing
Authentic writing, or “real” writing, involves cultivating a piece of real-world writing to a specific audience for an intended purpose.  Some examples of real-world writing are Tweets, Facebook posts, blogs, movie reviews, etc.  These are instances (More)
Multimodality Projects
Multimodality projects are another excellent way for wary educators to incorporate digital media into their classrooms.  Multimodality projects are typically used a (More)
Social Media, Literacy, & the Classroom
In a secondary ELA classroom, emphasis on student development falls within reading, writing, and speaking standards.  Each of these categories of standards lies within the purview of social media.  For example, students read and interpret posts writt (More)
Social Media & Unfiction
One of my favorite applications for incorporating social media into the ELA classroom is the app, SocialDummy.  This app allows users to create fake, inactive profiles and posts on a plethora of social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, In (More)
Since my student teaching experience, I have seen a tremendous increase in schools pushing for ELA teachers to make use of Podcasting.  In my final placement (More)
Digital Literacy Narratives
Digital Literacy Narratives function as a powerful tool for writing instruction.  Instead of teaching narrative writing in isolation, educators can modify in (More)
ePortfolios are a simple, yet, effective method for students to showcase their work throughout the course of an educational term.  Ranging from short-term to long-term project use, ePortfolios offer a spectrum More)
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