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Five reasons to join the Sustainability Studies Program
Did you know that Stony Brook University offers more than 200 academic programs, from English to Electrical Engineering? Students’ choices of majors and minors are virtually endless! How can you narrow down your selection?  Consider joining (More)
Upcoming talk: Narratives of environmental danger and disaster
Check out this upcoming talk, featuring two of our very own Stony Brook University Sustainability Studies Program professors (More)
Graduate research opportunity!
Sustainability scholarship available to Sustainability Studies Program undergraduates!
Check out this link for a gre (More)
Spring course listings with Dr. Marc Fasanella!
Check out these awesome spring offerings in advanced creative  coursework with More)
E grant used to boost education, minimize environmental impact
When it comes to being a college student, it's not always easy to minimize your environmental impact. While use of the Internet and other technologies like e-textbooks has become more common in recent years, most classes still require that you use at (More)
Japanese atomic bombing survivors share their testimony at Stony Brook University
Hibakusha Stories visits Stony Brook University.[/ (More)
Congrats, Sustainability Studies Program grads of 2015!
Dear Grads, What does it feel like to be just over one week "graduated" thus far? We are very much looking forward to seeing the amazing places you will go and the great things you will do with your "new" degrees. We will also miss you very much, bu (More)
Hello World!
Welcome to our brand new Sustainability Studies Program blog at Stony Brook University! Here you can find the most recent information about what's going on at our program from events, trips, projects or just some really cool and interesting things we (More)
Filmmaker Judith Helfand to co-teach SBC 325 Environmental Film & Media in Spring 2015!
SBC 325: Environmental Writing and the Media An examination of multiple genres (including: photo journalism, literary nonfiction, fine art and advertising and documentary film) in order to understand ways in which these genres are utilized to inform (More)
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