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SoMAS Mosaic Image Process
There's a complicated process for capturing and processing the content that is used to build the mosaic images of the Breach at Old Inlet.  With More)
SBU Event Calendar in Google Calendar
Updated with new URL for calendar of events. If you want to add the Stony Brook University Event Calendar to your Google Calendar, click on the carrot icon next to "Other Ca (More)
Migrating from Picasaweb to Google Photos and Slideshows on WordPress
UPDATE 2017-02-09 I found a slight solution that works but who knows for how long.  If you upload your photo albums using an old version of Picasa and set the permissions to public on the album when you upload, you can use existing Flash photo album (More)
Capturing Photospheres With a Mount
As detailed in my previous post, I am using the Google Camera App on my Samsung Galaxy S5 to create Photosphere images of the places at the School of Ma (More)
Photospheres at Stony Brook University
Photospheres are awesome 360+ degree images that capture the entire area around the camera.  The most recognizable form of photosphere is Google Maps's Streetview, which allows you to visit locations and see what it would look like from your car wind (More)
Strip HTML and images from your email in Google Mail with PLAIN TEXT MODE
If you wish to remove images and HTML-formatted content from your email in Google Apps Mail, you can easily turn on PLAIN TEXT MODE in the compose window. In the lower right corner of your compose window, click the triangle button that says "MORE (More)
Hosting a Web Page on Google Drive
NOTE!!!! Google has deprecated this feature as of 8/31/2015.  Hosting services via Google Drive will be disabled on August 31, 2016 I had a web s (More)
Changes to YouTube RSS Feed API
If anyone uses YouTube\'s RSS feed feature, I discovered that YouTube\'s API changed recently (4/20/2015). I was previously loading an RSS feed of my seminar video recordings using this feed: More)
Please Google, May I Have Some More?
With all of this newfangled technology that\'s being offered to us as students in 2015, there sometimes seems to be a disconnect between what\'s helpful or good to use and how quickly we can actually use it. It\'s 2015 so there\'s no reason to not im (More)
Google Apps SBU Syllabus Generator
What do you get when you combine the SBU Syllabus Template with a Google Form with some Google Apps Script? A syllabus generato (More)
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