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Whole Home Audio for the Nomadic Lifestyle
I've always liked the idea of a whole-home (or apartment) audio setup.  Something about being able to walk around and be able to continue listening to something without having headphones in just seems to really appeal to me. However, as a young perso (More)
App Highlight: Google Sheets
The Google Cardboard.[/caption]   Google Cardboard is a new virtual reality device. Created by Google, it pairs with a Google App to help the viewer get a 3-D rendition of wha (More)
Please Google, May I Have Some More?
With all of this newfangled technology that\'s being offered to us as students in 2015, there sometimes seems to be a disconnect between what\'s helpful or good to use and how quickly we can actually use it. It\'s 2015 so there\'s no reason to not im (More)
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