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Stem Cell Cancer Research: An introduction!
Stem cells are undifferentiated cells found in all microorganisms which have the ability to multiply to produce new stem cells or differentiate into mature cells or tissues. Researchers have identified the application of these stem cells in curing ma (More)
Various Health Advantages Of Sponge Gourd Described
Vegetables from the gourd family are an excellent from the health point of view. There are really different types of gourds grown all over. In India, the from time to time consumed ones are astringent gourds, container gourds, and ridged gourds, in a (More)
Mahendra Trivedi Research On Different Fields Of Science
The Trivedi Effect® has consciously opened the gates towards this new approach. As it is purely natural phenomenon, more and more people are approaching it for their salvation. In fact, its effects have been scientifically tested, analyzed, verified, (More)
Optimism Proven To Help Fight Cancer
Cancer is one of the scariest words that you can imagine. When an individual is diagnosed with cancer, it takes a toll on him physically and emotionally. The emotional trauma also extends to his family and loved ones. However, research shows that peo (More)
Genetically driven research on Cancer cells
Cancer today is a product of research in some sense, looking backwards in to the past three decades precisely suggest that the focus and exceptional implementation of the research findings into clinical practice has give the Cancer care its headway. (More)
Tuberculosis Treatment for Multidrug Resistant TB
Tuberculosis is an infectious disease that causes small rounded swellings tubercles to form on mucous membranes that affect the lungs. This bacterial disease is considered as one of the most dangerous and killer diseases. It is very important to unde (More)
Trivedi Effect In The Field Of Genetic Research
Genetic research is the investigation of human DNA to find out what genes and environmental factors present in disorders. If we want to find out what may cause the disease, we can better detect disease, using Genetic research. Genetic experiment is a (More)
What is Trivedi Science?
“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”― Nikola Tesla Science paradigms are controlled by an existing set of assumptions in which the U (More)
The Trivedi Effect® envisages a revolutionary phase of Science in the 21st century!
Are you still dreaming about the ‘perfect kind of life’ with absolutely no tensions, problems and failures? If your answer is yes, It’s time to come out of your dreams and get ready to be a part of the whole new revolutionized world where your mind i (More)
Organic Farming and Its Importance
Organic farming is defined as the system of production that is capable of avoiding or majorly block the use of pesticide, synthetically compounded fertilizers, livestock feed additives and growth regulator. To the paramount extent, flexible organic f (More)
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