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Bittersweet, Like an Apple Removed from My Heart
So guess what? This is it. It\'s a bittersweet moment as I sit here typing out my final blog post. I had so many goals and aspirations to achieve this semester and reached some while never thinking twice about some others. Then there are the goals th (More)
Closing Remarks Chris W.
This class has been a great experience. Coming into this class I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Honestly, I enrolled in the class because I heard we\'d get to use an iPad for a semester. While the iPad was nice, I\'d say the best thing a (More)
What We Want From Faculty
A pop up WordPress site from students at UVA in the wake of the Martese Johnson incident. That\'s a terrible word, incident, to describ (More)
Week 10: Synthesis Number Two
This week I will once again hand the course over to our two teams. I am very much looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us all today. The vast majority of the class today will center on the two teams leading the conversation. We will s (More)
Sam Richards Online Tonight
Hi all ... I wanted to point you to the TV series that I worked on for over a year while at PSU with Dr. Sam Richards, an interactive TV show based on his incredibly popular and challenging Race Relations sociology course. You guys got to meet Sam \" (More)
Week 9: Wrapping Up Identity
Let\'s play catch up and review where we are and where we are headed. I have graded all of your things ... some items are missing and you can see what I missed for you in the Garde Center in Blackboard. Please let me know if I missed things! Also, I\ (More)
Listen Up, Can Anyone Hear Us?
To prepare for Thursday\'s synthesis presentations, those of us that like to be Too Disruptive would like for you to do two things. First, take a look at Sam Richards\'s Ted Talk,  \"A Radical Experiment in Empathy.\" https://www.ted.com/ta (More)
Identity Video Project
I am an artist. I create conversations that challenge normalcy and comfort, that shift focus to the unnoticed and misunderstood, that demand self evaluation and the scrutiny of implications. I respond to questions, just not the questions that ar (More)
Kate\'s Weekly create
https://twitter.com/kschwartng/status/582199521947439104 I tweeted a little experiment with making abstract animations today. It\'s really important to me that when I work in different apps that it doesnt call attention to the app that was used so (More)
Week 8: Spring Break
I understand last week was a very positive experience ... I\'m thrilled about that and I look forward to hearing more next week when we get together. I am not going to assign anything new this week, but I will remind you to wrap up the assignments by (More)
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