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Closing Remarks Chris W.
This class has been a great experience. Coming into this class I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Honestly, I enrolled in the class because I heard we\'d get to use an iPad for a semester. While the iPad was nice, I\'d say the best thing a (More)
Ken\'s Final thoughts on the iPad
Using the iPad this semester was interesting. I already had owned Android and iOS phones, but this is the first tablet I\'d used for a long period of time. Having the extra screen real estate on a mobile device was nice, although I realized that for (More)
Final Post - iPad, etc.
Throughout this course, the iPad was extremely helpful in exploring different aspects of the Disruptive Trinity of Community - Identity - Design. By using apps like Pop and plugging in to Gdrive our group communicated continually with a purpose. Sinc (More)
The iPad as a Global Broadcasting Tool
One of the main ways my use of the iPad has evolved thanks to CDT 450 is that my mind is beginning to develop a deeper understanding of the iPad as a MOBILE GLO (More)
Weekly iPad Reflection Chris W.
  One app that would interesting to see in higher education is an app that shows students how much of their tuition is being wasted if they skip a class or something similar to that. This app\'s purpose is to show students the dangers and cos (More)
Ken - Student App Idea
My app idea is an online marketplace, basically like Fiverr or oDesk but specific to Stony Brook. People could do small freelance jobs for each other in exchange for credits, which they can cash out or spend on hiring people to do jobs for them. Some (More)
iPad Reflection - SOUND - Jay Loomis
I would like to have more control over the sound that my iPad (re)produces. While I\'m listening to music I like to have some control over the low, mid, and high frequency mix. It would be great to have access to an equalizer that I could adjust, dep (More)
Kate\'s identity and iPad reflection
Using the iPad to create this was an over all positive experience. I shot the footage using the native photo app as well as iMovie and a short segment using the \"stop motion\" app. I made slides using th (More)
Ken\'s iPad Reflection: Programming on the iPad
I reached out for opinions from CS students on using the iPad for schoolwork. The consensus was that there wasn\'t really a good way to accomplish most necessary tasks on the tablet, however there was some support for the More)
iPad Reflection - Chris Williams
Earlier on in the semester I mentioned how the iPad native keyboard needed some kind of swipe function. After doing some research I found SwiftKey. SwiftKey is (More)
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