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Remember to B.L.O.G.
I am not writing this as a blogger who makes a living from blogging and has money from advertisers. I am not even a social media guru with a degree in social media. I am writing this post as a person of the younger generation who found a way to have (More)
Accepting is the First Step
People need to stop resisting social media as a means of communication between two or more people. Sure, there may be instances in which you read something you weren\'t interested in, but realize that the Internet was not designed for you, it was onl (More)
A Threat to Journalists
In The News About News: American Journalism in Peril, authors Leonard Downie Jr. and Robert G. Kaiser discuss the accountability that journalism brings into focus for public figures. \"Anyone tempted to abuse power looks over his or her should to see (More)
A Ritualistic View\'s Legacy Slowly Dies
The late James W. Carey, communications theorist and journalism professor, developed the perspectives of mass media consumption between two views: transmission view and ritual view. Carey believed that the ritual view is the more appropriate view for (More)
The \"Stephen Glasses\" of Gay Parent Stories
Two Long Island DJ\'s did one of the most unethical things in broadcasting: They made up a story and did not tell anyone that it was fake. Steve Harper and Leanna Karlson decided to More)
What the People Want, the People Get
We were taught in the beginning of our journalism academic careers that the truth is the most important thing as a reporter. We were also told \"if it bleeds, it leads\", \"the man biting the dog is more news driving than the dog biting the man\", an (More)
Sports Journalists Tweet for the Win
Critics and journalists are proving to doubters that tweeting is the right way to report on sports. Tweeting offers two things that official sports articles in a newspaper or on a website do not offer: immediacy and conciseness. Columnist More)
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