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Mahendra Trivedi Research On Different Fields Of Science
The Trivedi Effect® has consciously opened the gates towards this new approach. As it is purely natural phenomenon, more and more people are approaching it for their salvation. In fact, its effects have been scientifically tested, analyzed, verified, (More)
Optimism Proven To Help Fight Cancer
Cancer is one of the scariest words that you can imagine. When an individual is diagnosed with cancer, it takes a toll on him physically and emotionally. The emotional trauma also extends to his family and loved ones. However, research shows that peo (More)
Genetically driven research on Cancer cells
Cancer today is a product of research in some sense, looking backwards in to the past three decades precisely suggest that the focus and exceptional implementation of the research findings into clinical practice has give the Cancer care its headway. (More)
Making Organic Mango Production Relevant And Even Profitable
The King of all fruits and the delight of summer is a great fruit whose cultivation is pretty much closer to many farming families and communities. For years Mango crop production has been done in regions like India with a great sense of pride and it (More)
Increasing Crop Production In The Same Agricultural Land Against Other Alternatives
Farming and agriculture is the practice of possibilities and there has to be a balance between the global environment, production demand and commercial advantage. Increasing crop yield has to be focused on to create more productivity within the avail (More)
Agriculture Soil Testing To Enhance Chick Peas Growing Possibilities
The possibilities of Chick Peas growing in multiple climatic conditions have been facilitated by the ideal soil composure which can be established by the agricultural soil testing. The Chick Peas growing has been a commercial success and many farmers (More)
Tuberculosis Treatment for Multidrug Resistant TB
Tuberculosis is an infectious disease that causes small rounded swellings tubercles to form on mucous membranes that affect the lungs. This bacterial disease is considered as one of the most dangerous and killer diseases. It is very important to unde (More)
Trivedi Effect In The Field Of Genetic Research
Genetic research is the investigation of human DNA to find out what genes and environmental factors present in disorders. If we want to find out what may cause the disease, we can better detect disease, using Genetic research. Genetic experiment is a (More)
Aluminum Powder: How it could be Transformed to be More Functional and Useful?
Aluminum is a fascinating element with a variety of applications. Aluminum helps us in improving our personal hygiene and is also used in propelling rockets. But the most important uses of Aluminum Powder are in paints, plastics, silver metallic pigm (More)
The Trivedi Effect® a New Healing Approach to Fight against Hepatitis
Nowadays, hepatitis is a major challenge in clinical research, health monitoring authority, and for clinicians. Currently there are more than 100 different types of liver disease, which include alcohol-related liver disease, non-alcoholic fatty liver (More)
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