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Winter Session - a great time for some technology testing
CELT is currently running a winter session pilot with zoom for web conferencing.  If you are an instructor teaching this winter, you should have already received two emails.  One inviting you to use your Zoom account, and one that includes a form ask (More)
Disability and Diaspora
Group of Hands Holding Disability [10]The two (More)
How can your class help?? (Not just for K-12)
Open SUNY COTE Community Meeting - notes 4/11
Tools & Apps - ipads (Heather O'Brian presenting) Planbook  -- https://planbook.com/ idoceo -- http://www.idoceo.net/index.php/en/ notibility Explain Everything - students use the app to create presentations and reflections for class.  Of c (More)
Lightboards & You
Lightboards can also display figures to be marked up. If (More)
Open Book Thoughts
These are clips from many different educators talking about the use of open book student assessments. ...more significantly would allow students to trade information with each other throughout the test in ways which would be extremely difficult to (More)
Just so you know what we are sending...
This letter went out to all SBU students that had previously registered clickers (and were registered for class in the Fall 14 semester) from within our Blackboard system: Dear Student As a previously registered clicker user you are receiving t (More)
Stony Brook University\'s first local Summer Institute
Faculty using low tech response cubes during a presentation Attending the Summer Ins (More)
We need these stinkin Badges!
A Flexible Grading Structure
What works for you? I was talking to a senior lecturer here on campus who shared with me his technique for exam grading, that included an element (More)
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