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Still Life Project Part1
ISO Lowest ISO: 200. 1/100th, f/8 Highest ISO: 3200. 1/80, f/8. (More)
Between a dog and a wolf (Time of Day)
Here are some photographs at different points in the day. Mid-Morning: Noon: More)
The Hunt
This is my final presentation as well as a stepping stone into my next project for a solo show next spring. I selected 3 creatures I was interested in and took portions of their stories that would define them and try to capture them in the images. (More)
Water & Color
This project was really an exploration of color and how it reacts to a transparent and reflective substance.More)
Project 1- "Fear"
This project was based on Fear and darkness. I love the paranormal but with that comes a huge fear of what you can't see. Here I've shown the fear you feel when heading into darkness, the fear of being dragged away, the fear of getting touched in (More)
Nicolas Bruno
Nicolas Bruno (More)
Project 3: XROMA
For this project, I knew I wanted to use color gels to cast color onto my model, but I also chose to use the pink seamless in the studio to see how the two colors would interact with and play off each other. I also layered two color gels over each ot (More)
Project 1: Nostalgia?
For this project, I wanted to make a statement about how an object can start off as something nostalgic, but over time, begins to lose its meaning. I photographed a pair of shoes, the shoes that I wore to junior prom. I tried to photograph them in a (More)
Task 3: Lighting Ratios
For this task, we set up two lights shining onto the model. One light (the fill light) was kept at a steady reading of 4, while the other was (the key light) decreased in between shots to create the ratios. [caption id="attachment_121" align="alig (More)
Photographer Spotlight- Ryan Deboodt
    Ryan Deboodt Google slides Presentation (More)
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