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Project 2: Monochrome vs. Color
For this project, we explored the differences in taking color and black and white photos. I decided to focus on food, because it can often be very colorful and textured, and gave me some different things to play with. [et_pb_fullwidth_slider admin_label=\"App Information\" show_arrows=\"on\" show_pagination=\"on\" auto=\"off\" parallax=\"on\" parallax_method=\"on\" remove_inner_shadow=\"off\" background_position=\" (More)
5/3/2015: Reflection Journal #14: Roth Regatta 2015, TLT Style
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZD_f65IoTU The above is a link to video I recorded in 60 FPS of TLT\'s boat this year, styled after More)
Pulled this off in an hour
Friends have party for birthday. You make them take a picture and have a bystander take said picture. Then said friends have the brilliant idea of you dropping your face on everyone else\'s. This is the result. More)
Project 4: Final
Photos from April 14\'
Project 1 Ideas
In my Photo 2 class last semester, we had an experimental photography assignment. I ended up working something that I really enjoyed and that I wanted to keep pushing further, and I think that it fits this project well also. I played around with sand (More)
Shamelessly Picking Favorites
Across SBU\'s campus are large TV screens displaying images called \'SCALA\' slides. As a consultant, I have been put in charge of selecting and creating SCALA slides featuring model student ePortfolios. This week, I chose Eric Leung, a member of the (More)
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