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Color Portraits
Color Portraits I made for my ARS 281 photography class. These are the photographic color portraits I made of my classmates, Mitva and Kira Mitva by Lily

{Spring 2019: Part 1}
3rd April [caption id="attachment_322" align="aligncenter" width="1920"] Spring 2019 0010 (1/60s f/8 ISO 360)

Spring 2019 0151 (1/160s f/8 ISO 100) [caption id="attachment_268" align="alig (More)
{Greenhouse Photoshoot}
Here are the final photos I took from the greenhouse photo shoot that I did to complete Project 2, including some photos I liked from the camera study, I am so tempted to update this post with more info about each plant. Maybe I can do that someti (More)
Final Project: Maternal Connections
Personal Statement:  My vision for this photographic series was to create a thread of images focusing on the maternal lineage in my home. My parents are currently the only living branches of these ancestries—so this project has brought to me more of (More)
Preview: Final Project
For the final project, I wanted to create a narrative photography series based upon maternal connections--mainly the precious pearls of wisdom that our mothers pass down to us. Using several props (mirror from my paternal great grandmother and pearls (More)
Project 5: Portraiture of a Family Album
Reflection: For this project, I wanted to create a series based upon time-evolving portraits. The first two images of the series are of my paternal grandfather and my maternal great uncle. Both passed away before I was born and they were two people I (More)
Sharing Online Portraits
Two photographers that I took a great interest in throughout our course of study are Duane Michals and Vivian Maier. I became very interested in the use of mirrors in photographic images that both artists created. The images are compelling and have s (More)
Project 4: Narrative - Unravelling
For our storytelling and narrative project, I was inspired by the genre of portrait photography. My main purpose was to portray a timeline of a human unravelling. Similarly to a unfolding flower, I focused on capturing the beginning stages of human-f (More)
Project 3: Fainting | Dizziness While Walking
For this series of photographs, I wanted to focus upon dizziness while walking. I wanted to capture the viewpoint and feeling of the precise moment one knows they are about to faint.  A few times a month, I experience fainting spells due to anemia. A (More)
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