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Project 4: Narrative - Unravelling
For our storytelling and narrative project, I was inspired by the genre of portrait photography. My main purpose was to portray a timeline of a human unravelling. Similarly to a unfolding flower, I focused on capturing the beginning stages of human-f (More)
Project 3: Fainting | Dizziness While Walking
For this series of photographs, I wanted to focus upon dizziness while walking. I wanted to capture the viewpoint and feeling of the precise moment one knows they are about to faint.  A few times a month, I experience fainting spells due to anemia. A (More)
Project 3: Fainting Spells| In My Room
For this project, I chose to create a photo series about fainting. I have a condition which causes occasional fainting spells. The goal of this project is to produce artwork that portrays how dizziness and fainting look from my perspective. ISO 80 (More)
Welcome to Stony Brook!
Photos from April 14\'
Just moving in and poking around to the new site -- so we\'ll start with a photo I took this morning of the beginnings of the first Stony Brook snow of 2013-14: More)
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