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Do It For The Résumé
This week, I learned that I have been lied to. My whole life I’ve been taught that a resume means listing everything you have done during your academic career and putting it on a piece of paper. “Do it for the resume,” they say. Well guess what? Don’ (More)
Writing & Research
Research is a key element of progression and advancement across many disciplines. Whether it is for scientific or business purposes, the integration of research into a particular field can not only provide opportunities for moving forward, but as wel (More)
In today’s day and age social media has become so widespread it is the new form of communication not only for personal relations, but for business relationships as well.  Online social media allows us to connect with new colleagues and possible emplo (More)
At the Drop of a Tweet
In the rapidly evolving age of information that we are currently planted smack dab in the middle of, there are a handful of emerging methods of communication at our disposal via the Internet. One of the most readily available forms of social media is (More)
Resume Writing in 2014
Seeking a job in today’s day and age may not be the easiest thing to do, especially considering the high levels of specification that often come with certain careers or positions. Often viewed as some sort of template document, the professional resum (More)
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