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Artificial Intelligence Meets Actual Intelligence: Would you connect your brain to the internet?
Before you laugh at the notion and discount the idea as science fiction, you might be surprised to learn that many really smart people are trying to make this happen, and they are making real progress. ‘Brienzersee, June 2014’. Photograph: Teju Cole (More)
Musical Reflection #2
\"Airplanes\" by B.O.B. I appreciate what B.O.B. has been trying to do since he started out as a rapper. Most of the time he tries to move away from this preconceived notion that rappers hav (More)
Musical Reflection #1
\"Lose Yourself\" by Eminem The song Lose Yourself by Eminem actually has some meaning to me. I feel like when I listen Eminem\'s music that I can relate to his pain, not entirely since I haven\'t g (More)
Risky Business: Who decides?
At our recent DoIT all-hands meeting, it was mentioned that thanks to my blog it is possible to know what I\'m thinking about. That has been true to some extent. As I reflected on that statement though, I realized that most of this blog has centered (More)
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