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Learning Spaces at SBU
A few weeks ago, Stony Brook student Cam Boon stopped by my office to do this interview. I quite enjoyed his reporting on the current and future of learning spaces at Stony Brook. I could sit down and talk space design all day ... it is one of my fav (More)
A Year of SB You
It was about this time last year that we rolled out SB You on campus. I have tried to keep a bit of a pulse on the service and overall utilization. While I have been a little disappointed in how broadly the s (More)
#SBUDoIT All Hands Reflection
Earlier this week we held a DoIT All Hands meeting in Frey Hall. I can\'t say for sure, but I think we had somewhere around 150 or more people there. The turn out was great and I really appreciated seeing so many now familiar faces. I am not a huge f (More)
A Year of Posts
It is hard to imagine I am arriving at my one year anniversary of joining Stony Brook University. Yesterday marked one year since I walked out of my office at Penn State for the (More)
New York State CIO Conference
It has been so hectic that I failed to share my thoughts on the 2014 NYSCIO gathering that I attended. It was my first one and my first time getting to spend time around the amazingly beautiful Finger Lakes. This (More)
A Review: Coffee with Cole | The Baron
I just attended my first Coffee with Cole jam session this morning. I, of course somehow managed to be fashionably late, but still had plenty of opportunity to sit in and listen to a great discussion. via More)
Sharing Experiences & Growth
We walk around with a shared value in DoIT that is focused on all of us and our growth. \"We will actively hire great people, develop the growth of our staff, promote a diversity of voices, and support our staff.\" I want so badly to make sure (More)
Disruption + Innovation
I spent yesterday in New York City at the Disruption + Innovation event hosted by Colgate University. I was asked to attend by President Stanley and was excited about it given my long standing interest in disruption in higher education. It was also a (More)
Summer Coffee
We just posted a new invite for Coffee with Cole ... all I can say is that I love these. Each time I have one I leave feeling so energized by the interactions. I enjoy the informal setting and the op (More)
DoIT Core Values
When I arrived at Stony Brook I was thrilled to see a team in DoIT that worked hard every day to help support and grow this University. I continue to be struck by the overwhelming commitment we have to the mission and goals of Stony Brook. With th (More)
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