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Migrating from Picasaweb to Google Photos and Slideshows on WordPress
UPDATE 2017-02-09 I found a slight solution that works but who knows for how long.  If you upload your photo albums using an old version of Picasa and set the permissions to public on the album when you upload, you can use existing Flash photo album (More)
WOLFERIZE! Based on the Raptorize Code available here: http://zurb.com/playground/jquery-raptorize Using Jquery 2.0.3 through the code here: More)
The SoMAS Website (Part 2)
This is Part 2 of my write up on the SoMAS Website.  This post discusses the changes I have implemented on the existing website created by AWP from 2011 to late 2014.   Alumni Database and People Directory Lists of our alumni were avail (More)
Photospheres at Stony Brook University
Photospheres are awesome 360+ degree images that capture the entire area around the camera.  The most recognizable form of photosphere is Google Maps's Streetview, which allows you to visit locations and see what it would look like from your car wind (More)
Using Icon Fonts in all content
Elegant Themes, creators of the Divi theme, have a nice resource for icon fonts: https://www.elegantthemes.com/blog/resources/elegant-icon-font They also have a good resource for the customization options available with Icon fonts: http://www.e (More)
Redirect a post or page to another URL
I have a few vanity URLs on my sites that I use to forward a URL to a particular page deeper on my website and wanted to maintain that feature on WordPress/SB You.  A Google search revealed From this link: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/732014 (More)
Hosting a Web Page on Google Drive
NOTE!!!! Google has deprecated this feature as of 8/31/2015.  Hosting services via Google Drive will be disabled on August 31, 2016 I had a web s (More)
Changes to YouTube RSS Feed API
If anyone uses YouTube\'s RSS feed feature, I discovered that YouTube\'s API changed recently (4/20/2015). I was previously loading an RSS feed of my seminar video recordings using this feed: More)
Blogs Aren’t Better Than Journal Assignments. They’re Just Different
I\'m curious what you think ... does writing here in public make you write differently than when you write privately? With all the hype about blogging, Mr. Foster decided to give it a try in an introduction-to-sociology course he was teaching. He (More)
Building My Local Reading List
One of the reasons I love seeing blogging communities in higher education is because it gives me a chance to see the collective intelligence of that community come together.Even after only a couple of weeks, there are More)
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