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How To Earn "Likes" From Professionals
Social media is a crucial element in today’s social life. Everybody has a social media account, except people over seventy and technophobes. In fact, it has become a social convention. In my country, there is a ritual before you use Facebook: Ini (More)
“Social media is about sociology and psychology more than technology,” this quote said by Brian Solis is more relevant in our society today than it has ever been. As we move into a more ‘technologically advanced’ society, social media has become an e (More)
Social Media 101: Think Before You Speak, and Google Before You Tweet
Think before you speak has now evolved to google before you tweet. But what does it really mean to ‘think’ before speaking or googling before posting on social media? There was an interesting conversation in my Writing For Your Profession course toda (More)
The TEDxSBU Effect
[View the story \"The TEDxSBU Effect\" on Storify] (More)
Listen Up, Can Anyone Hear Us?
To prepare for Thursday\'s synthesis presentations, those of us that like to be Too Disruptive would like for you to do two things. First, take a look at Sam Richards\'s Ted Talk,  \"A Radical Experiment in Empathy.\" https://www.ted.com/ta (More)
What I am Learning from the Project as a Teacher
In this post, I will be writing my own reflection about working with you, guiding you, and inspiring you (I believe) in this project. I have a lot to say about the idea, but I want to write more toward the end of the semester than early on. For now, (More)
Texting taking years off of our lives?
The New York Times Style Magazine website published an article yest (More)
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