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WhatsApp? Facebook\'s Future
1.2 billion people and billions in ad profit already- how can you go beyond that? Stock-owners demanded growth. Facebook answered with their $19 billion purchase of the company WhatsApp to address an issue that will re-emerge later. Here\'s the $1 (More)
Spotlight on Sochi
With the world\'s eyes on the Olympics and thus Russia by extension, journalism\'s searchlight has already rescued truth from beneath the rug. Twitter is just one good reflecti (More)
6 New Facts About Facebook
New Pew Research Center survey findings show how people are using Facebook and what they like and dislike about the sit (More)
Adding Paper to the Facebook
With Facebook turning 10 years old today, two things immediately come to mind: my age (twice that of Facebook) and how tiring it is to scroll through my home page.  Give it a little more time and a little more analysis though, and you suddenly realiz (More)
List your favorite blogs
Blogs come in all shapes and sizes with varied formats, designs and topics. Some are reflective narratives and showcase personal interests and updates. Others center around news and information, business, academics, careers, arts, research, health (More)
Join the IT Partners Group on Yammer
We created an IT Partners group in Stony Brook\'s Yammer space as another communications channel. If you are not already a member, please ask to j (More)
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