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Kaylee Surace ’21 Says “No More” to Ocean Waste
From "Kaylee Surace ’21 Says “No More” to Ocean Waste" on Stony Brook News More)
Using GIS to Find the Perfect Summer Internship
About the Author: Lucy DiBenedetto is a fourth-year student in SoMAS Sustainability Studies Program. She currently serves as a mapping intern with the NYS Department of Environment (More)
Mobile Farm Stand Rolls into Stony Brook
Above: Heartbeet Farm co-founders Jennifer Ross, left, and Ann Pellegrino From Mobile Farm Stand Rolls into Stony Brook on SBU Ha (More)
SoMAS Celebrates Earthstock 2017
Many th (More)
Floating on Warmer Water with Bethany Wiggin
Floatin (More)
Examining Seeds of Change
Joy Dinkel (More)
Celebrating Earthstock 2012 Alumni Panel Discussion
Four of the Sustainability Studies Program alums came back to join the current students in celebrating the campus festival of Earthstock in April 2012, for the First Annual Earthstock Alumni More)
Celebrating Earthstock 2013 Alumni Panel Discussion
From left: Jason Rubin, Lindsey Shields, Kim Tucker, John Botos, Rebecca Kusa. Rebecca Kusa (More)
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