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Week 14: Working Session!
Well, this is it ... our last class before we wrap up with the final Team Synthesis next week. It is hard to believe, but here we are. Today will be unlike any other day we\'ve spent together. I will be giving the class to you -- we will still be in (More)
Week 15: What a Long Strange Trip
It is hard to believe that we\'ve only been at this since late January ... so much has happened in that time. I owe you all both a very real \"thank yo (More)
Week 13: Time to Decide on Design
This week I want to give you ample time to complete your research and start actually prototyping a couple key interactions within your proposed app. We will start with you sharing the results of last week\'s More)
Week 12: Design Challenges and Research
We may have a visitor in class this week ... Eric Kunz, developer of LiveBlend. I\'m impressed by your Design Challenges and how far you\'ve come in a week. Let\'s review: More)
Week 11: Kicking off Design
We have arrived at the final third of the class. Over the next few weeks I will be asking you to do quite a bit of thinking from a design perspective. Today we will focus all of our time on arriving at our team Design Challenge. The Design Challenge (More)
Week 10: Synthesis Number Two
This week I will once again hand the course over to our two teams. I am very much looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us all today. The vast majority of the class today will center on the two teams leading the conversation. We will s (More)
Week 9: Wrapping Up Identity
Let\'s play catch up and review where we are and where we are headed. I have graded all of your things ... some items are missing and you can see what I missed for you in the Garde Center in Blackboard. Please let me know if I missed things! Also, I\ (More)
Week 8: Spring Break
I understand last week was a very positive experience ... I\'m thrilled about that and I look forward to hearing more next week when we get together. I am not going to assign anything new this week, but I will remind you to wrap up the assignments by (More)
Week 7: Apple is Back!
I am on the road this week so I cannot be with you ... I promise I lined up something good for you in my absence. Apple will be here to talk more about the iPad and take you through some really interesting activities. I can\'t believe we don\'t get t (More)
Week 6: On to Identity
Today we embark on our second theme, identity. The readings I had you do might seem strange in the context of identity, but I think they start to lay a deeper groundwork toward moving from looking at things from a pure perspective on community to how (More)
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