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Final Project Proposal: Focus
Final Project Proposal-1zmzcjs More)
Task 3: Lighting Ratios
For this task, we set up two lights shining onto the model. One light (the fill light) was kept at a steady reading of 4, while the other was (the key light) decreased in between shots to create the ratios.

Task 3: Light Painting
Some more photographic experiments, this time with friends~ We were supposed to give light painting a try. There are so many different ways to go about doing this, so here are some methods I attempted: One For these takes, I used the moon as my li (More)
Task 4: Final Project Proposal
Semester and Year: Fall 2016 Course: ARS281 Student Name: Antonia Brogna Date: November 22, 2016   PROJECT TITLE (Project 6: Final Projects Series):¬†Arrow   PROJECT DESCRIPTION: (250 word description of t (More)
Task 3: Lighting Ratios
[caption id=\"attachment_10\" align=\"alignleft\" width=\"150\"] 1:1 Ratio

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