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Staller Camera Day
Portraits   Category: Hair   One Spot   (More)
Final Project Proposal: Retrato Familiar.
Fall 2017 ARS281   Alexandra Rivera November 21, 2017 Project 6 (Final Projects Series): Retrato Familiar. PROJECT DESCRIPTION: I wish to capture photographs of my family together in an unconventional way. Trad (More)
TASK 5: Critical Color
This task was created using a 3-light set up. There was a key light with an blue gel coming from front-left. There was then a fill light with an orange gel that was placed slightly above the object in order to illuminate the inside cavity. Another li (More)
Task Three: Light Painting.
Self-Portrait. I. (46 mm, f/5, 15 sec)   II. (46 mm, f (More)
Task Two: The Camera.
Bracketing Exposure 1. correct exposure [0] (46mm, f/5.6, 1/10, WB tungsten) 2. overexposure [-3] More)
TASK 4: Three-Point Lighting
LIGHT SET-UP – Key Light at f/22 – Fill Light at f/8 – Rim Light at f/22 (Additional Background Light for Paper Backdrop)   ISO 100, 1/200, (More)
TASK 3: High/Low Key
  HIGH KEY ISO 100, 1/200, f/5.6     LOW KEY ISO 100, (More)
TASK 1: Artist Presentation
Jill Greenberg Presentation   LINK: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B76_inHY_G6-cGlBQnVpWjRSLVU/view?usp=sharing   (More)
TASK 2: Lighting Ratios
All Ratios   1:1 Ratio 2:1 Ratio More)
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