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Final Project Proposal: Retrato Familiar.
Fall 2017 ARS281   Alexandra Rivera November 21, 2017 Project 6 (Final Projects Series): Retrato Familiar. PROJECT DESCRIPTION: I wish to capture photographs of my family together in an unconventional way. Trad (More)
TASK 5: Critical Color
This task was created using a 3-light set up. There was a key light with an blue gel coming from front-left. There was then a fill light with an orange gel that was placed slightly above the object in order to illuminate the inside cavity. Another li (More)
Task Three: Light Painting.
Self-Portrait. I. (46 mm, f/5, 15 sec)   II. (46 mm, f (More)
Task Two: The Camera.
Bracketing Exposure 1. correct exposure [0] (46mm, f/5.6, 1/10, WB tungsten) 2. overexposure [-3] More)
TASK 4: Three-Point Lighting
LIGHT SET-UP – Key Light at f/22 – Fill Light at f/8 – Rim Light at f/22 (Additional Background Light for Paper Backdrop)   ISO 100, 1/200, (More)
TASK 3: High/Low Key
  HIGH KEY ISO 100, 1/200, f/5.6     LOW KEY ISO 100, (More)
TASK 1: Artist Presentation
Jill Greenberg Presentation   LINK: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B76_inHY_G6-cGlBQnVpWjRSLVU/view?usp=sharing   (More)
TASK 2: Lighting Ratios
All Ratios   1:1 Ratio 2:1 Ratio More)
Task 3: The Camera
For this assignment, we were told to take multiple pictures in order to show that we know how to operate our cameras as well as to get used to handling them. In order to demonstrate this, we were told to take pictures that demonstrate: Correct, U (More)
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