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Right Shark\'s CritQue
Design a mobile app that supports peer critiquing using gamification elements. No change Our approach to our design challenge is constantly evolving while the challenge remains the same. After discussion with students some of their concerns we (More)
Design Challenge Update :: Too Disruptive
Here are our thoughts and notes on our design challenge: Be sure to take our surveyMore)
Listen Up, Can Anyone Hear Us?
To prepare for Thursday\'s synthesis presentations, those of us that like to be Too Disruptive would like for you to do two things. First, take a look at Sam Richards\'s Ted Talk,  \"A Radical Experiment in Empathy.\" (More)
[We] Identify as Disruptive Too
A person\'s identity indicates something about them. As a set of social classifications, identity is created by viewing two or more people or groups in relation to one another (oneself is included). Identity  is a paradox in two ways. First,  it i (More)
Reaction to Week 6 readings - Team Right Shark
Early on Wenger mentioned “We define who we are by the ways we experience ourselves through participation as well as by the ways we and others reify ourselves.” Far too often people say nobody affects who they are as a person. To which we would argue (More)
Definition of Identity - Team Right Shark
The set of characteristics that physically and mentally distinguish one person from another.   (More)
Right Shark - Video post
We chose YouTube as our disruptive medium.  Since YouTube was created 10 years ago, 300 hours of video are uploaded to the site every minute. (More)
Too Disruptive\'s Disruptive Technology: Reddit
Below, you will find our team\'s preferred method of communicating ideas about projects, readings, and discussions. In this session, we laid the foundation for our video and generated smaller, independent assignments for the team to complete. (More)
/r/McLuhan Drives a Ford
McLuhan: The problem of using old tools in a new world. Linear understanding / experience of knowledge (through reading) VS. immersive epistemology, connectivity, and multi-modal discourse. Truly living in the present involves embracing modulat (More)
The medium is the Massage - Team post - Right Shark
The Medium is the Massage - Core idea 1: Technology acting as an extension of the body/ senses with the electrical system being an extension of the nervous system allowing what was once the public to now act as the mass. The Medium is the Massage (More)
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