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The Trivedi Effect: Is It Possible to Transform an Atom?
As children, we’re taught a lot about atoms and molecules. We learn about their composition, size, structure and a multitude more, and we’re taught that these components are the basic building blocks of existence itself (the atom being the smallest p (More)
Biofield Treatment: An Intelligent Approach for Treating Cancer without Any Side Effects
Cancer is an epidemic that is affecting millions of lives. Currently, over 7.6 million people die from cancer worldwide each year. Many studies show that one in three people will suffer from cancer in their lifetime. It is one of the biggest health c (More)
Trivedi Effect on Vanadium Pentoxide
Vanadium pentoxide is a fascinating inorganic compound. The chemical formula of this compound is V₂O₅. The powder of vanadium pentoxide is yellow/brown, but when mixed with water it turns to deep orange. This strange, yet interesting compound has a h (More)
The Trivedi Effect® Could be The Game Changer in HIV and HCMV
Sexuality is a big part of a human life. Love, affection and sexual intimacy all play a role in healthy relationships. A number of disorders can affect the ability to have or enjoy sex in both men and women. The recent scientific research work on Hum (More)
A Tremendous Effect of The Trivedi Effect® on The Genetic Profile of Nocardia Otitidis
A retrospective study was conducted to see the effect of Mr. Mahendra Kumar Trivedi’s unique biofield energy treatment on the microbes of Nocardia otitidis for assessment of its genetic profile. The outcomes of this study has already been published i (More)
The Trivedi Effect®: A Step Towards Alternative for Urinary Tract Infection in Young Women
In the recent modern times, health care has been one of the major concerns around the globe. Nearly every scientific community in the world is trying to improve health care by doing researches on various health issues across the globe. One of the mos (More)
Effects of Biofield Energy on Stainless Steel Powder
One of the most commonly used and popular metals in our day to day lives is stainless steel. Stainless Steel is known by many other names like inox steel or inox from the French word inoxydable. The main reason stainless steel is so popular is due to (More)
The Trivedi Effect®: An Alternative Solution to Fight against Enterobacter cloacae
A scientific study was performed to evaluate the effect of Mr. Mahendra Kumar Trivedi’s inherent biofield energy treatment on Enterobacter cloacae with respect to its antimicrobial sensitivity, biochemical reaction pattern, and biotyping. Mr. Trivedi (More)
The Trivedi Effect On Horticulture
Agriculture is one of the biggest and richest subjects known to humankind. Agriculture has an extensive and ancient history, dating as far back as 9000 BC. It has existed long before any kingdoms, cities or towns existed. Agriculture was the activity (More)
An Approach to Control the Outbreak of Serratia marcescens using The Trivedi Effect®
Newborns with Serratia marcescens bloodstream infection have been recently reported as one of the severe causes of mortality. The experimental research was conducted to control the outbreak of S. marcescens by altering the antibiogram using biofield (More)
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